Human resources and personnel system

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    Based on the spirit of challenge and mastery, we will develop our dreams for future global leaders.
    4 insurance
    National pension, health insurance, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance
    Support for congratulatory address
    Congratulations, summer vacation, holiday bonuses
    Preferential service
    Long-term employee awards, excellent employee awards, incentives
    Payment of allowance
    Payment of qualification allowance, position pay
    Support for activity fee
    Support for department activities, support for club activities
    Support for physical strength, support for foreign language and education
    Housing support
    Dormitory Support
    Company events
    Ceremony, ceremony, foundation event, excellent employee awards ceremony,
    Workshops, athletic meet, outings
    In-house restaurant operation
    Commuter bus operation (Ochang, Cheongju)
    New Employee Training (OJT)
    5 days a week