Quality management

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    MRsolaire is specialized in designing, developing, Manufacture, selling, and serving
    Window Film and Electronic Materials. Our quality principles are as follows.
    “We realize effective operation of quality management system and sustainable
    improvement for the sake of customer’s satisfaction”
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  • This company builds up systematic management system for quality policy and management,
    realize customer’s satisfaction, and improves consensus by training and promoting the persons
    concerned a proper media.
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    • This company pursues a reasonable thinking and fast decision-making through Slim & Simple
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      • This company realize customer’s satisfaction through sustainable improvement, abiding by the standard.
        through correction, and preventive measures of quality management system.
          As being conformity with the purpose of quality/environmental management system based on
          KS Q ISO 9001:2009 / ISO 9001:2008, the above principles are both our commitment and
          policy regarding product quality of this company.
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