Ethical management

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    Possesses window film development and manufacturing technology.

4 principles of ethics management

01. Customer-oriented management

Customer-oriented management is the best value for company development.

Creating Value for Customers
  • Focus on developing products and technologies that enable customers to create true value and satisfaction.
Customer impressions
  • Quickly respond to customer needs and do our best until the customer is satisfied.
  • We strictly observe the promise with the customer and provide the service from the customer's standpoint.
Protecting Customer Profits
  • We do not take any action to protect the information related to our customers and to harm our customers' property and interests.
02. Degree and win-win management

Unfair trading and business activities are prohibited and efforts are made to coexist harmoniously with partner companies.

  • Compliance with all domestic and overseas laws and regulations in business activities.
  • OECD's "International Commercial Bribery Convention" and the Korean Law "International Commercial Bribery Act".
Win-win management with partner companies
  • Abusing the status of partner companies, any illegal transactions, requests, case requests, etc. are prohibited.
  • We protect mutual intellectual property rights, trade secrets, etc. between partner companies and MEST.
03. Basic Management for Employees

All employees accomplish their mission through cultivating the right values, ethics, and compliance spirit.

Fulfillment of mission
  • Employees comply with the company's management philosophy and regulations and strive to accomplish the tasks assigned to them.
  • In addition to creating more value in a creative and challenging attitude, it also develops self-improvement for capacity building.
Fair job performance
  • Perform their duties fairly with the authority and responsibility granted, and do not engage in monetary gain or immoral behavior.
Corporate culture of mutual respect
  • Obey basic courtesy and prohibit any discrimination, slander, discomfort, or disruption of organizational discipline.
04. Social Responsibility Management

We will do our best to fulfill corporate social responsibilities such as protecting shareholder interests, contribution to social development, social contribution and environmental protection

Shareholder protection
  • Achieve sound profit through effective management, protect shareholder rights, and adhere to transparent accounting standards.
Social contribution
  • We will develop social contribution activities for human resource development and community development.
Perform national and regional group duties
  • Adhere strictly to the improvement of national competitiveness through the creation of employment and the duty of sincere taxation.
Green Management
  • Protect the natural environment, reduce resources, prohibit violation of environmental protection activities, and abide by all laws and regulations.