Ethical management

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    Possesses window film development and manufacturing technology.
    MRSolaire Co., Ltd. Practice of ethical management
    MRSolaire recognizes and practices ethical management as a core value of corporate management, thereby enhancing the competitiveness and qualities of its members, and striving to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and roles.
    MRSolaire strives to establish and implement ethical management principles that all employees must observe to ensure transparency and respect for their shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and society.

All employees of MRSolaire Co., Ltd. are responsible for their social responsibilities.

  • 윤리경영 실천 선언문
  • We firmly pledge to act ethically to become a company that contributes to the development of the corporate / customer society and the nation that are trusted and recognized by our transparent company / customers.
  • One.We will do our best to increase customer's value and satisfaction.
    One. We practice harmonious management with our partners and prohibit unfair activities
    with our stakeholders.
    One.We will realize the culture of mutual respect by excluding illegal transactions and acts
    among our employees.
    One. We will keep the information and business confidentiality of our company thoroughly and take the
    lead in promoting the interests of customers and shareholders.
    One.We will develop and implement green management activities to pass on clean nature
    to our descendants.
    One. We contribute to regional and national development and take the lead in corporate social
    responsibility and ethical practice.
  • September 1, 2016 MRsolaire Corporation