CEO greetings

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    Distinguished customers!
    Thank you for visiting our homepage.
  • In the meantime, we have overcome the difficulties with the encouragement of our customers and the enthusiasm and loyalty of all our employees and have made continuous progress every year.
  • Based on the importance of environment, MRsolaire has been devoted to the development of superior products, and now, we want to become a global company by keeping its original values.
  • MRsolaire will grow and develop through the following strategies.
    We will continue to study and study for the future of humanity.
  • MRsolarie is pursuing meaningful research achievements by constantly researching and developing new products by fusing MRnanotech technology. We are also accelerating the development of global window film by operating the R & D organization, which is the future growth engine.
    The challenge of MR Solaire to preserve the environment through energy saving and to protect the health of human beings from harmful ultraviolet rays does not stop even now.
    We will provide the best quality of product in domestic and foreign market.
  • MR solaire is leading the domestic window film such as achieveing the advanced and competitive technology.
    We will provide products that can safely keep our customers in a changing climate by observing such principles of quality development and customer-oriented management
    In addition, we will develop leading products with a sense of mission to improve the quality of life of the people.
  • MRSolaire will continue to develop new technologies and products that are competitive and will
    fulfill its social responsibilities and ultimately become a trusted company that contributes to human happiness.
    I would like to ask for your continuous interest and encouragement to the MRsolaire's challenge and change.
  • Thank you.
  • MRsolaire Co., Ltd. CEO